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Invisible Orthodontics – INVISALIGN

Invisible Orthodontics – INVISALIGN

Invisalign Method is the most modern method of aesthetic invisible orthodontic treatment, performed through a series of personalized, custom made, thin transparent braces (aligners) which gradually move teeth until they obtain the most harmonious position.

Using the method of Invisalign, a series of orthodontic problems can be treated, such as:

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  • Crooked teeth

  • Crowding teeth

  • Diastema (Teeth gaps)

and other types of problems.

Treatment Procedure

During the first appointment/session/session, your provider will take dental impressions, photographs, and x-rays of the patient. In less than two weeks, your first ClinCheck will be developed. ClinCheck is a 3D illustration of how your teeth are projected to move, as well as the duration of the course of treatment, so you can see how your smile is expected to look at the end of the treatment.

After determining the final treatment course, the aligners are received and the patient wears the first set. From that point on, the patient will have check-ups every two weeks so that any required interventions can be performed, until the patient receives the next set of aligners.

The duration of the course of treatment varies depending on the orthodontic problem and requirements of each incident, with average Invisalign treatment being 9-18 months. The main advantage of the Invisalign course of treatment

compared to conventional/standard braces is obviously the indisputable difference it makes in terms of the aesthetics and comfort it provides.

Apart from aesthetics, the Invisalign method offers a number of important clinical advantages:

  • It is designed so that the completion/duration of the course of treatment can be accurately predicted.

  • Periodontal health is improved, and the ease of its realization is ensured as a result of the straightening of the teeth.

  • Personalized construction means perfect fit to your teeth so that irritation and abrasions can be eliminated.