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Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Teeth Whitening/Bleaching

IS0266KG4Whitening/Bleaching at home

To do whitening/bleaching at home, impressions of the teeth are taken and special customized mouth guards are made for each patient. The patient is given instructions on how to apply the bleaching agent and wears the mouth guards for 2-3 weeks, usually overnight, until reaching the desirable effect. Intermediate checks are scheduled in order to assess the course of treatment and evaluate the outcome.

Combination of Clinical Whitening/Bleaching and Whitening/Bleaching at home

In our office/practice/clinic, the majority of whitening/bleaching cases are carried out in this way, which outweighs other methods mainly due to the speed of achieving the desirable effect. First, in a 1 hour in-office session, the bleaching protocol is applied with a special Philips device- in particular, their latest model, Zoom Whitespeed. The patented material placed by the dentist is then exposed to the special light of the device for 1 hour. Results are visible right/immediately after exposure. Whitening/Bleaching at home in the aforementioned way follows, for only/just for a few days (depending on the case.) This is the combination which gives the best results.

Teeth Whitening/Bleaching of Denervated

Bleaching of a denervated, discolored tooth requires carrying out/performing a fairly different process, starting from the stem/source of the discoloration, which is the inside of the tooth. In the first session, special bleaching agent is placed inside the tooth, which is then covered with a temporary filling and left to act for a few days. This process may need to be repeated more than once, until reaching the desirable effect. In all cases, teeth cleaning and polishing have to be done a week before. Also, in our office/practice/clinic we always have photos taken before and after whitening/bleaching so as to have a clear picture of the result.

Porcelain Veneers
Porcelain veneers are wafer-thin shells, made from high-strength ceramic material. Aesthetically, they look like natural teeth and are used to form a perfectly booming and robust smile, in terms of color and shape. More specifically, they can correct aesthetic problems tied to color (discoloration or '' aged'' teeth, old fillings), shape (slightly crooked teeth, broken teeth, etc.) and size (unequal teeth, closing dental diastema/gap etc).
porselani 1
porselani 2
In our office/practice/clinic, porcelain veneer placement is always preceded by dental diagnostic wax-up, in which the ideal dental morphology of the patient is built upon the molds. This morphology suggests how the veneers will be made. Then a process called mock-up is performed, during which the temporary manufactured veneers are built directly on the mouth of the patient, in order for both the dentist and the patient to assess the effect and function 
Resin Veneers
The advancement of composite resins and the addition of nanoparticles dramatically increased the aesthetics they grant and paved the way for application/placement in the anterior of the smile. They are used to repair broken, damaged or deformed anterior teeth, correct discoloration and stains, as well as to close diastema/teeth gaps, change their shape and color, etc. The main advantage in comparison with porcelain veneers is its lower cost and that treatment is completed in only one session. The disadvantage is that they lack in aesthetics, compared with porcelain veneers, show a higher risk of fracture and that their color is altered as time passes by.
Aesthetic Restoration of Posterior Teeth 
In our office/practice/clinic we do not use any conventional "black" amalgam fillings. In cases of small cavities, special resin composite for posterior teeth is exclusively used and care is taken so that morphology similar to the natural tooth will be given.
In cases of larger dental tissue loss, dental inlays and onlays made of resin and porcelain are made in the lab, so that restoration features the durability required by the dental region.
epentheta 1
epentheta 2
epentheta 3
Of course, conventional metal-ceramic or ceramic crowns and bridges are manufactured, as required in each case.